I went for the stress test today and during the test I ended up having a couple of seizures. I have them when I sleep. Lets set the stage for this the test is done in three stages. First stage in nuclear medicine( that takes 15 minutes) they inject an isotope to see the picture of your heart at rest, than they inject the medication that speeds up your heart to the point of you being on a treadmill even thought you are not,(that takes about 8 minutes)than during the medication part they inject more isotope to take the after photos of your heart you go back to the nuclear medicine.
Now that this is said. I fell asleep during the first part of the test. I sometimes have seizures when I sleep.and that is what happened during the first part of the test. After the seizure the first part was repeated and I got Thu that part. then during the second part of the test, Iwas 2 minutes into that part when I had a large seizure and at that point the test was cancelled.
Such is my life.

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  1. That doesn\’t sound very good… I know the test, luckily without problems for me. What\’s next? Please take good care of yourself.Thanks for your kind words on my T13, much appreciated!

  2. I am so sorry Mike! How frustrating!!! I hope the next tests are better for you. Hugsss sent your way. I will continue to pray for you.

  3. I\’m sorry it didn\’t work out again today. I hope they can get some information from the part you got through.

  4. Tink, Tracy and Mari. thank you all for stoping by. the cardoligist said something that they may have to do an angigram next. I will just have to waint and see what my doctor wants to do.

  5. I am so sorry that this test is turning out to be so difficult for you. I hope that the next part of the process goes smoothly.

  6. Mike,Sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope the test – the part you did take – is able to point to some relief for you! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, since I read your post about not commenting much lately. That makes it all the more special. Cheers!Linda

  7. Mike,Sorry this is becoming such a frustrating problem. Hope it goes more smoothly next time. Doing an angiogram doesn\’t sound fun.Thinking of you,Hugs,Tamara

  8. Mike, I\’m sorry that the tests were such an ordeal. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Linda,Tamara,and Lee,Thank you for stopping by and offering the moral support. that is why I treasure all of you that visit with me.

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