The stress test that was not.

when I got there this morning they decided that I could not have the test done with the medication that was ordered. They were testing the fire alarm system and the strobe lights actually triggered a seizure. So the game plan is for me to come back tomorrow and they will use a different type of medicine and that test will be a nuclear stress test. that one takes 3 hours to do. So here we go again folks.

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  1. Oh you are having the thallium stress test. My husband just had one. They do take quite a while. Sorry that you didn’t have a very productive day. You are going to be fine. I’ll just keep praying for you. Big hug. 🙂

  2. I had a nuclear stress done a few months ago. It\’s not a bad test at all, just the wait time a little long. Take a book or music to help pass the time. Good luck with the test, hope you don\’t have to stay afterwards!

  3. Mike, good luck with the stress test tomorrow. I\’ve been through all of that, and it\’s not a good time. Take a good book with you to read while you wait…because you\’ll be doing a lot of that.Sorry to hear about the bad experience today. Hopefully, the worst is behind you.

  4. Hey Mike,Thinking about you.Hope today was a good day.Sincerely,Kathy

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