comment moderation or word verification?

I do not know what is best to do to protect this site from I use comment mederation or word verifcation or both. I need som advice. and would like your input.

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  1. I use word verification. Although that does not keep all spammers away, it does a pretty good job. Most do not want to spend the time putting in those letters. I really wish spammers would leave us alone. Sheesh. Hugssss

  2. I HATE word verification. It\’s time consuming for your readers. There are times it has taken be four tries to leave a message. There have also been times I gave up and didn\’t leave a message. Comment moderation is my choice. That way nothing gets in your comments without your approval. Just saying. Have a great day. I\’m going to do your word verification now. Did I tell you that I HATE word verification? ­čÖé

  3. Tracy, I wish they would leave us along as well. you would think blogger would do a better job of finding the spammers and locking them out.Or have a way of reporting spamming sites and blocking them.Sandee,I hate the word verification as well. I guess I will just stick to the comment moderating. I wish I did not have to this. I just want to have fun and not be hastled.

  4. I\’m glad you went with comment moderation. I hate the word verification and sometimes I can\’t get it right.

  5. I can certainly understand going either way with protection from spammers. I don\’t do either. I simply delete really offensive comments. I don\’t know why people are so mean, frankly.

  6. Mari.I hate word verification as well.Professor J. maybe I will just go back to letting every post and not moderate the comments I just hope I dont have to spen an hour deleting the same comment over and over again as when I was attacked by a spammer the last time.

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