A Major Prayer Request.

Folks, I have two people that need our prayers first of all is Pauline of BYOC her Sister had surgery and needs our prayers for a full recovery.

The second person is WANDA She is going thru some personel stuff and her posting tonight had me in tears OF FEAR. SHE REALLY NEEDS OUR PRAYERS AND MORAL SUPPORT LETS PRAY FOR THESE TWO PEOPLE SHALL WE.

after what I just read I need a few prayers said for me as well.

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  1. Thanks so much for the prayers, Mike. My sister is continuing to improve, but she has a long road to haul. I\’ll keep you and Wanda in my prayers also.Pauline

  2. Byoc, I jusr believe that prayer helps so when I see the need I post a request with link bacs to the person needing the prayer.

  3. When two or more are gathered in His name, there He shall be also. Looks like we are standing in agreement in His name to meet the needs of these folks. Thanks for always sharing those folks that stand in need of prayer.Take care Mike.Jen

  4. Jen,as I stated in my Mission Statement. Prayer requests are inportant to me.and I will publish them and link back to the person needing prayers. It is what Our Father wants me to do,and I need to do to maintain my soberity.

  5. Mike, i am praying for them and for you. Sometimes blogger can become overwhelming because we care so much. Hugs. My sis stacy had a good idea that she posted on her blog… I loved the idea, and plan on implementing it on my own blog for awhile.

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