I got tagged,well kinda.

Linda @ LINDANDJAKE Has a meme that she says if you want to do it she would like to see it.
so here it is:
six thing that describe me
1 ) Caring
2 ) Friendly
3 ) Loyal
4 ) Silly
5) Loving
6) grouchy (sometimes)

10 Comments on “I got tagged,well kinda.

  1. I\’m glad you played along…great list by the way. Don\’t feel bad…we\’re all grouchy from time to time.

  2. Those are all good – even grouchy. Everyone needs to be a little grouchy at times!

  3. Linda, it was a fun one to do. besides I need one for both here and on the wordpress site as well.Mari, you bet we need a grouch once in a while,as long as we donot turn into Oscar from Sesame St.Sandee, a copy of it is on my wordpress site as well

  4. Great post – I can see the silly in your posts – but not so much the grouchy

  5. Ooops – changed my mind 🙂 – I just read farther down and noticed a little grouchiness lol

  6. Yup … never say never is a good lesson isn’t it? I enjoyed your list and the cute graphic. Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday.Hugs and blessings,

  7. Capt.Corky. I get cranky and i do get a lot of sleep I guess it has to do with the siezures and the bad headaches I get.BYOC,you should read some of my rants,than you will see the grouchy part. BYOC,Told ya so.Storyteller, I\’m glad you enjoyed my list. never say never is right. this blog is my first \”baby\” so I guess no matter how many times I get PO\’d And say I\’ll stop, I will always come back.

  8. My six would be….1. Goofy2. Kid-like3. Friendly (like you)4. Happy5. Imaginative6. me

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