Here are two pictures of canal boats in the Historic Piqua Area of the Miami & Erie canal. This canal ran from the Ohio River in Cincinnati to Lake Erie in Toledo. we on the eastern half had the Ohio and Erie canal that ran from Lake Erie in Cleveland to Portsmouth on the Ohio river.

I hope every one found this little piece of Ohio History interesting. I know I have.

I forgot to mention the canal boat ride located near Toledo. it is located in the toledo metoparks.

heis a link to that park. in the first link the is a video presentation plese watch that as well it is informitive! I have a list of other canal areas that may be of interest as well here is that link.I think you will find these informitive.

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  1. I\’ll bet this is a fun way to check out the scenery. Thanks for sharring it with us.

  2. Jeff, yep it is a fun thing to do I have ridden on several different canal boats both of the ones on the Ohio and Erie canal. and on one that I did not post about. it is located in a suburb of Toledo.Just Rambling,Talking about Ohio history is fun for me as well as reading about as well.I enjoy reading about history of any thing and any where.

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