something that you may not know about me.

For those that do not know this about me,Covered Bridges are a passion for me as well as the Hammered Dulcimer. I also enjoy Lighthouses,the Ohio and Erie canal and the other canals located here in Ohio.
Now getting back to the covered bridge pictured here. It is the Everett Road is located in the town of Everett,the town is mostly owned by the national Park service is located in the Cuyahoga recreation area. you can google the bridge and then you find out more information on this bridge and the CNVR.

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  1. I find covered bridges very interesting also…thanks for the info regarding the location…Mimi

  2. You and i have the same interests then. I love covered bridges and light houses! I actually live by a light house! The light house by us is called the Assateague Light house. ­čÖé Gorgeous area. I actually had hubby taking pictures of it while we were on a boat cruise last night! I will try and post them on my site soon!

  3. I haven\’t experienced historical covered bridges,but they are beautiful. I love lighthouses, though, and would love to see more up close and personal.Thanks for stopping by the last couple of days – it is a good feeling to get that final payment made – we have used our house to bail out many a situation, and ended up with the original 30 year goal anyway. God is good!

  4. They look quaint don\’t they, very olde worlde I think… If I see any over here, although I don\’t think I that I have I\’ll be sure to get a photograph for you.

  5. This covered bridge photo makes a wonderful choice for Wordless Wednesday ;–)Hugs and blessings,

  6. Mike,I also like covered bridges and lighthouses. This is a great photo.Pea, from Pea\’s Corner, has a covered bridge on her blog. It has been nicknamed, \”The Kissing Bridge.\” Go see:http://peascorner.blogspot.comEnjoyed my visit, as always.Blessings,Mary

  7. Mary,thank you for that information.I\’ll be headed over ther as soon as I delete the spammer from my comments!

  8. Mimi,Tracy,Dawn,Daffy and Storyteller,Thank you all for stopping by.I\’m sory that I did not comment to each of you directly.but I have to go and find where else that spammer Jason left remarks and delete them as well.

  9. Did I loose my mind? lol I could have sworn I left a comment on this wonderful picture… old age I guess. I love this….makes me want to live in the country again. God BlessKatt

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