Just a note about this weekend.

On Saturday I slipped and fell in our drive way in the rain. I had hit my head and we thought it best to go to the E/R just to make sure I did have a concussion. they kept me for observation,due to the seizures and asthma that I have. They also put a neck brace on me. that was taken off this morning and by the afternoon I was cleared to go hope short of having a few black and blue marks I’m OK.That you Lord for watching over me.

An Now off to my reader to try to play catch up.

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  1. Be careful. You and I are the same age. We got to take care of ourselves. Just saying. Heal up quickly. 🙂

  2. Retired correctional officer? Worked for the state then? Ohio? I retired as a correctional lieutenant for a sheriff\’s office. County Jail system. My last assignment was running the Men\’s Jail. Maximum security facility. Small world isn\’t it? 🙂

  3. Mike, I don\’t think your supposed to do that. (slip and fall) Man, you do have some bad luck at times. I sure hope your not in too much pain. Ouch!Take care.Beamer

  4. Oh, Mike! Be careful. I\’m glad you\’re not badly injured and that they kept you for observation.Blessings,Mary

  5. Sandee,like the old wise crack.I thick headed.( Polish,German and Irish,ans Welsh)so it is hard to hurt it. Says here in fine print.I worked for our county sheriff\’s dept. Beamer,I keep forgetting the slipery when wet part.Lou.sometimes if it was not for bad luck I think I\’d really come up short.Mary,I too and so was Celestine that I did not hurt myself too badly as well.

  6. Mike please be careful. I\’m so glad that you\’re ok though but that is a scary fall….

  7. So glad that you are okay Mike. I bet you will have a headache for a few more days. You be careful and take care. I will keep you in my prayers:)

  8. Clown meme.I can joke about it now but it was not funny when it happened.my shoulder that I landed on is still sore. I\’m just grateful that I did not suffer a concusion.

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