Another Prayer request.

In my travels in the cyber world I ran across a man,MARK who in on a road that is not good. He sounds like he needs Moral support.If you visit him you will know why. You never know when a kind word or thought will help bolster someone. If feel that this is the case for Mark.

I offer a heart felt thank you to all.

3 Comments on “Another Prayer request.

  1. Bless your heart for you compassion. Mark and his wife Rebecca need our prayers. Take Care Mike.Jennifer

  2. Mike, I have been by Mark’s blog, left a message, added his blog to my ever expanding blog list, and added him and his to my daily prayers. Thank you for bringing him to my attention.

  3. Jennifer,and Nick,when I do this posting I d them for the folling reasons the person needs our prayers and the second one is Do onto others as you would have done for You.I do try to live this way most of the time,the other times is when I stray from my teaching and become a monster that I do not even want to be around.

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