A new meme.

I saw this meme on a site,that I connot for the life of me,remember where. I said I would give it a go and here it is.
I am: Happy

I Think: Therefore I am.

I want: To Be healthy.

I have: what I want.

I wish: that war would become obsolete.

I hate: stupidity.

I miss My Mom and My Dad.

I fear: heights.

I feel: like the need for a nap during the day,

I hear:The trafic on the freeway all day long.

I smell: the good cooking of my Wife Celestine.

I crave: a big piece of cake.

I search: for truth.

I wonder: If there ever will be peace in my life time.

I Love: My Wife Celestine.

I Believe: Do onto Others,as You would have done onto you!

I Do Not: Always keep my temper under control.

I write: on my blogs with out thinking things thru first.

I lose: my temper way too often,especially when I’m driveing.

I Never,have had an affair.

I always: hug my wife at least once a day.

I listen and read: when people need a friend.

I can usually be found: At home.

I need: Hugs all the time,and give them away as well.

Like I said I cannot remember where I saw this meme. I did shorten it some.

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