I had just jumped over to the BLOGGER OVER 50 SITE. I have been bounced off the site,as I figured I would. I was really harsh when I left a comment on the site and that comment and my link to this site was yanked.
This being said,I did not like being accused of not playing by the rules. Especially when I know that I had a link to the blogger over 50 site in my blog roll of Honor. I had even created a link to the site using the blogger over 50 badge.and I did put a link to blogger over 50 site on my word press site.

Since I went off on such a deep rant I know that I crossed a line and have to pay for that.
I also believe that If a man or woman says that they are gonna do something that they should be a Person of their word. If I give someone my WORD THAT I’M GONNA DO SOMETHING I DO JUST THAT.
My Father taught me that you have to be a man of your WORD or you are nothing.I chose to be a man of my word and have been such since I was a child.

That is my story,and I am gonna stick to it.

As a way to make amends(as A.A. teaches) I am adding the blogger over 50 badge back up and there is a link to the site ALONG WITH A LINK IN MY BLOG ROLL OF HONOR. I know that it will not make up for what I did and said.I accept that.
There are a lot of good people on that site that should be visited. I’m even going to continue to visit every body.


  1. I responded to your comment left in the blog\’s comment section.I asked you a question, and I would truly appreciate an answer when you have time.

  2. Oops, that was me who made the last comment. i was updating my sons blog and accidentally commented as him.

  3. Lucas,I had strayed from My late Father\’s teachings as well as those I learned at A.A. meeting and from my Big Book. Every once and I while I forget the things I learned in the school of hard knocks and have to relearn them all over again.That\’s my story.Yertle,no biggie.

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