The Good,The Bad,the Grumpy!

Our Christmas picture, 2007. to the right of me is Celestine,Than Alan(Sandy’s Husband),tho the front right is Rod(Linda’s husband) In back of Rod Is my sister to her is My other sister Sandy. I’m the Oldest that Sandy Than Linda.

16 Comments on “The Good,The Bad,the Grumpy!

  1. Herr Golch,I most certainly will. Have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend.EtG

  2. A nice family picture Mike…..I think it is always important to capture family gatherings with the camera.

  3. What a friendly looking group! I wish our family photos showed that! I ours, someone is always staring down the camera or in the middle of glaring at something (we never know what). Blessings to you and Happy Memorial Day weekend!Lacy

  4. FUNNY blog title!! You look like the GOOD. Is Grumpy standing??Have a great weekend Mike and a Happy Memorial Day.JEN

  5. Great pic Mike, thanks for sharing your family. The Golch clan definitely look like they are all related!

  6. Ed,I plan to have a good weekend.Mysti,I\’m happy to share my family with everybody.Jo,Yes having family photo are great.Sandy C.I\’m glad that we get along. I guess that is why we look happy.Lacy,I guess that some people have photo shop that way they can change things around.Jennifer,Celestine had a jacket on that has Grumpy on it so as a tongue in cheek I called it the title that i did.You can defintaly tell which ones are my sisters

  7. Looks like a happy group. Nice to see a picture.

  8. Erika,the holidays usually are a good time.the only exception was in 2003,When mom passed away,that year was not so fun.

  9. Tina,I\’m glad when we can spend time together.usually we are so busy in our seperate lives that we do not get together much.Nick,Thank you.

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