A prayer request.

My cousin Keith’s wife Cindy had neck surgery on Friday,she came home on Monday with instructions not to lift any thing heave. Well she was picking up her grand baby one too many times and had to be rushed to the hospital today.I do not have any future information at this time.I know that I have posted other’s request for prayers on my site.It is My family that need those prayers said today for Cindy. I hope that every body that visits will say prayers for her.Thank you.

An Update Cindy is back home resting and has been ordered not to do any lifting and to rest.I know it is had when you children and grand children live with you and not want to help,but she needs to look out for her self first.If not the consequences will not be good.

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  1. Hey Mike you can count on me to keep Cindy in my prayers. Keep us posted as you find out how she is doing.

  2. Mike,I\’m so sorry that this happened. I will add Cindy to my prayer list. Please be sure to keep us updated.Have a great Memorial Day weekend.Blessings,Mary

  3. Mary,Thank you for keeping my cousins wife in your prayers.I will be haveing a good memorial day weekend.I\’m gonna visit with my Mom and Dad this weekend.Nick,I thank you as well.

  4. Mike, I will be honored to lift Cindy up in prayer. Be blessed!Jennifer

  5. Mike,I\’m glad to see that the surgery went well. You are so right – she needs to take care of herself first! I will keep Cindy in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.hugs,Tina

  6. Mysti,thank you.Tina,noe if she will take it easy,i know that she wants to help her daughters with theeir kids.

  7. Mike, sorry I did not go on line over the weekend (my daughter and her family were visiting with us and we had a wedding to go to) but I have added her to my prayer journal and I will keep her in my prayers…

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