my great computer.

My great computer had a major bug in it and I had to do a complete restore.I had thought that I had backed up all the inportant stuff that I wanted to keep like all the awards and pictures that I had saver on my computer,not to mention all of the bloggers sites that I had saved to a folder and the blogers that I was considering adding to my blog roll of honor.Alais all of that is gone.all of the other folders that I created are gone as now I get to spend hours just tryint to figure out what I had stored and how to get it all back.
At least I think I salved some ot the problems I was haveing like the flash player not working.
And now the fun begins again.

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  1. Wow, Mike! I’m so sorry—especially since I’ve been doing the same thing. It isn’t a lot of fun!

  2. Nick it is so fun fun,I forgot to do a certain body funtion.Travis that\’s the good news,the bad news is that Now I have to figure out what files I had,and than hunt them down all over again. It took me months to put together the files.Oh well stuff happens,Right.

  3. I really, really hate it when stuff like this happens. And technology seems so great…Good luck, man. Hopefully you don\’t need it.

  4. Computers are a blessing and then, sometimes, not.At least you are able to post and visit.Take care Mike.Jen

  5. Oh that hurts. I have had to do the same in the past. Hope the task is not to painful or frustrating.Blessings

  6. Oh aren\’t you lucky. I dont envy you at all right now! I hate it when my computer screws up. BLAH. I hope you get everything straightened up and all of your files remembered! Good luck. Sorry about your puter.

  7. That\’s why they say \”save! save often! Backup constantly…\” But do I listen? Uh…

  8. Al,thanks I\’m gonna need it.Jennifer,I will never buy a compaq computer ever again,Ive had more trouble with this P.O.S.than it is worth.I lost how many times i have had to kill this thing and reinstall everything.Mysti,the task is already beginning to be frustration and to say the agrevating.Brandy,thank you I don\’t evny my self either.Noelle,I thought that I have backed up and saved the programs,when I put the disc that I \”saved\” every thing on into the computer to recopy the info it was missing.I guess I did something wrong again. I swaer that the computer gods are just laughing their a**es off right now.

  9. HAH! But wouldn\’t you rather have that P.O.S. than no Piece at all? You are a Blog addict like me so I know the answer is YES! YES! YES! They\’ll carry me from Blogland on a Stretcher!! or something like that.Come over to my site and meet Bear E. White II.Blessings Mike.Jen

  10. And Hey, they can TRY to carry me from Blogland kicking and Screaming, but most likely I\’ll be laying stiff and cold on a gurney… This place is where I BELONG!!!Jen Again

  11. Jennifer,yes I guess you are right.I just want things to work the way they are syupposed to DO YOU HEAR ME YOUTUBE,GET YOUR EFFIN ACT TOGETHER.

  12. I’m sorry to hear about your computer problems. Having experienced similar situations myself, I feel for you and the process ahead.Hugs and blessings,

  13. Storyteller at one point I told thiw great computer if it did not clean up it\’s act I was going to cheerfully drop kick it into Lake Erie.

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