Hey You Tube,what’s up??

Hey You Tube videos,what is with this system all the videos that I have posted will not play! I cannot even get the videos that I saved on my you tube account to play. Is there some evil plot to drive people up the wall? or has the video system gone to he double hockey sticks??
I live visiting every one’s site and I enjoy watching their videos Except you get this Ugly message: Video no longer available.
The really aggravation part is that you cannot e-mail the clowns and voice your frustration with their system.Oh I forgot you have to work within the system,only there is no system.

A followup,one their site there is a help section that is soo much help that I’m soo happy I can just do something that the Cat forgot to bury.That’s right you tube I’ll talking about you!

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  1. Ya got me, Mike. I only \”watch\” the videos. I don\’t know how to move them to anywhere. Was thinkin of ya tho, and thought I\’d stop by and say hi!!

  2. I have found that if there is a problem with something online then you can\’t find a link to contact anyone about it to save your soul. Good luck finding anything out.

  3. Grandy,Thanks for stopping by.Jo.I don\’t know exactly what I did but things are working.Knock on wood.Nick,time will tell.Mysti,thanks for the hugs,and here are some right back at ya!

  4. Sandy C. There is a fix I did find it by wadeing thru the help section of you tube and some how I got things working again.

  5. I had said that the stuff was playing again well You Tube just made a liar our of me. DAMN you.

  6. I am so sorry you had that problem with You Tube, I thought it was funny thought that you said H E double hocky sticks. I say that and my kids think I am crazy. 🙂

  7. Valarie,I think by useing the frase that I did it does not so bad.besides If a child was visiting I don\’t want to cprupt them,let some one else do that.

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