the politicians

The more you hear we have to change Washington the more it sounds like it will be business as usual.
Here is why in my opion.
1)Some of the candidates are courting the different religions to get elected
2)some of the candidates are saying that they will change the way things are done.Ha! There were changes made that said that no politician is to go to sit down dinners held by the lobbists,the lobbyists than got ride of the tables you stand up and eat.So therefore each person takes a little right? Wrong they are allowed to go back for as many times as they want.
3) it alway takes a majority to pass laws,so therefore both parties must compromise.This is a possible senerio”you want my vote on this peice of legislation?than you will allow me to inset something of mine into yours”,usually a pet project that will benifit their people back home.
4)the lobbyists for say the drug companies want to have have their cake and eat it to,want people stopped from going to Canada to buy their perscription there because the costs are less.Well we cant have that it will drive down their profits!!!The drug companies clame that the drugs are inferior in other countries,HA!they manufacter the drugs that are shipped to say Canada and the drugs that are sold in the good USA only the usa ones cost more.Why is that well you can thank the food and drug administraion for that one as well as our legislative branch of government.
5) most of these candidates are for the most part career candidates move from one elected position to a different one. That is why term limits are a joke,I’ll serve my term limit at the elected position the run for a different one when my term is up.What a Joke,and it is on the lower middle class and the “poor” I put poor in parencities because if you are a single income family you donot have the money to but thing that a duel income household can.
I have a lot more reasons not to trust these candidates than listed here.
Any one is welcomed to comment on what I just said.If you agree with me or you disagree with me,Please let me know what you are thinking.

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