my mistakes

It has just come to my attension the I have commited bad “netequette” by asking someone to visit my site.For this I am truely sorry that I made this mistake,but as I pointed out to the person who advised me of my mistake I’m forgetful.If I had room for all the reminders of what I should and should not do I would have a wall plastered with the reminders of how to do something.
So if I have “stepped” on anyones toes I truely appoligize here and now. Mike Golch

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  1. duuuude. this is my first comment and the first post i\’ve ever read, but grow a thicker skin…don\’t apologize EVER for asking someone to visit your site! that is NOT bad \”netiquette\” as far as i\’m concerned. this is YOUR site and you can do what you want with it.stand up for yourself, what you believe in and for what\’s right. you\’ll always be ahead if you do. (i\’ll reserve my right to withdraw my comment if i read more of your site and think it\’s CRAP! lol)

  2. Jess,I did that because I felt I need to,as a recovering drunk if I step on some ones toes I just say I;m sorry and mean it.

  3. Mike~ As a relatively new blogger myself, I get that things are going to happen. I haven\’t read the \”rule book\” and if it\’s posted somewhere, please let me know. ­čÖé

  4. That\’s bad \’netiquette. New one on me! The whole point of blogging is to get others to come look at your blog, right?

  5. Good Afternoon Mike,I didn\’t post or comment this weekend because it was a very busy weekend for us. I did post this morning tho and I\’m trying to catch up with everyone now. You shouldn\’t apologize for asking someone to visit you. This is your sight and if people don\’t like it, then they can just click on the little x at the top of the page. That\’s what some people told me a while back when I was thinking about quitting blogging. You stand for what you believe in. And, when you visit me, you better say more than that. LOL. Just kidding with you there. You are always Welcome at my place and you can say whatever you want to say. Everyone has their own opinion right? Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. Don\’t let one person spoil your enjoyment of blogging. Karen H.

  6. I agree with the rest of the comments, dude,no need to apologize. I didn\’t know it was bad \”nettiquette\” either. And as someone else here said- that is kinda the whole point of blogging is to get people to read it,eh? OK! PS thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.

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