The USS Monitor

Every one has heard of This USS Monitor:

Did you know that there was a Second USS Monitor
She looked Like this:

 so you just learned something new today.

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  1. Sandee,I did as well. and when I did I thought that I would share it.Big Time Hug!Thanks for stopping by.

  2. my great-uncle was a Captain on the USS Montana (which one? dunno) and I have the steering wheel and whatever it is they stand on in my dining room! Love this.

  3. Have Mylin? that interesting to know. I looked it up there were a total of 3 actual USS Montanna'sthe first one was the USS Montanna (ACR-13) a Tennessee Class cruiser. the second one was the USS Montanna(1913) a WW1 cargo shipthe third USS Montanna was (BB-51) a South Dakota-class Battleship. and ther would have been a 4th Uss Montanna (BB-67) she was supposed to be the lead ship in the Montanna-class battleship.the entire class of battle ship was canceled in 1943. and here is the second informational class I've given today.

  4. Interesting stuff. I visited the Monitor museum just before it was officially opened.

  5. Hi Mike, my Uncle was stationed out of Port Arthur, TX so I think it was the USS Montanna (1913) WW1 cargo ship. His age is correct for that time frame as well. It is very weird to have the steering wheel in my dining room as well as the wooden platform he stood on. My grandfather (his brother) was a Merchant Marine. He traveled everywhere but said Cuba was the most beautiful country in the world. I have many of the things he brought \”home\”. Except…the shrunken head from South America. He swore it was real. I hope it wasn't. I begged them to bury the head when I was a kid. EEK. I do remember him telling me how dangerous it was being a Merchant Marine as they made the cargo runs and were not allowed to carry weapons on the ship to defend themselves!

  6. Have Myelin?Wow,that must have been something.My Dad was in the Merchant Marine as well but he only sailed one ships in the great lakes. that he joined the USAAF.

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