I have a blogger friend Jeremy who is asking for prayers,Here is what he posted on his site::
I just got this email from a longtime friend of mine. Alisha Pratt is someone I have gone to church with for years. Her family is unfortunately hitting some hard times and so she sent this email.

“Good evening all! I hope that each of you have enjoyed your Christmas and that you got a chance to celebrate with the ones you love. I wish I was writing just to say Merry Christmas but I am also writing to ask that you remember my uncle (Bill Shults)
in your thoughts and prayers.”

“Christmas Eve my aunt called 911 because he was unable to breathe. My uncle has been on the heart transplant list for years, has a defibulator and pacemaker and over half his heart muscle is dead, the past few months his health has declined rapidly. Upon getting to the hospital he was immediately sent to ICU and put on a bipap ventilator and in the past two days made no progress, they said that he is in congestive heart failure and are trying to treat it. Today he has slept most of the the day and has really struggled to move air. Please also keep the doctors and nurses that are taking care of him in your prayers as well as he is quite complex right now.”

“My uncles wife Vicki is not healthy herself, they have a 13 year old Autistic son and 33 year old mental handicapped daughter – please keep them in your prayers as well as they are struggling with my uncle being so sick.”

“Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers. I’ll keep you update as I know more the next few days.
Love you!

This request speaks for itself so I now lift it to Jesus and ask you kind folks to join me.

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