A Rant

I just love the digital television broadcasts NOT Yesterday during shows that Celestine and I watch the fuc&en signals keep cutting out.I do not know if it was being caused by the high gusting winds that we had yesterday or was it the incompetent operations people at the stations.needless to say we were extremely pissed off. Last year when we STILL had the analog signals high winds did NOT interrupt the signal at all. when they switch over to the digital broadcast signals the did not have the transmitters totally perfected AND STILL DO NOT.THANKS A LOT Federal Communication Commission. Why in the hell can’t you people get you act together,HUH????

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11 Comments on “A Rant

  1. I don't know Mike, but it seems that service in general is so lacking in today's world. Very few care about service anymore. Except for us on the receiving end that it. I'm sorry that this happened to you.Try to have a nice day. Hugs. 🙂

  2. Sandee,I don't know why maybe it the younger generation not careing about doing their jobs the way we did.Akelamalu,the fools have had a couple of years to perfect this process ans they still do not have it right.

  3. Mike, ours goes out when there is a storm. I feel your anger. We kept the rabbit ears just in case. I hope you got that out of your system. A good rant though.LOL!Take care of yourself.

  4. Um… don't know but I do know this, maybe a hobby would be good for those times *wink*…. I don't think i'd ever let tv get me upset… it's not that important at the end of the day…. {{{HUGS}}}}Tammy

  5. Finding Pam,I have a rooftop antenna,so I believe that the Tv stations just can't get it right.A Stich in time I do have a hobby my computer and the games I have loaded into it.Just Be Real,I know why the digital system was forced on us,the sports programs are supposed to \”look\” better in the digital mode.

  6. We have DirecTV and it is pretty good. Only have occasional rain fade. I don't watch it much, except for news which is often like watching a train wreck.

  7. Dear Mike,It's been a while since I have been over and it's so good to see you in rare form 😉 LOL! I hope that your TV has gotten better. I have missed visiting here and I want to tell you that I Very Much appreciate your visits to my blog, especially when I have felt quite low. Thank you friend.Sincerely,Tart

  8. Tart,thank you or those kind words,helping each other when we are down is wg=hat it is all about there are a lot of out here that need a pick me up every now and than,Hugs my friend.

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