Wacky Wednesday

“Hellow computer what you knowin I’ve come to watch you electrons flowin”. With no appoligies to Simon and Garfunkle!

8 Comments on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. I don't remember back this far but do remember using cards for computers in early college. Weird.

  2. Sandee,I'm glad that you enjoyed this one.Syd,When i was in high School,I worked at the NASA LEWIS RESEARCH CENTER,they still had to hard wire plug in panels to make thier computers do specsific funtions.

  3. When stationed at Ft. Myers I recall the Wang Computer room.. oh my gosh. To think we have come so far as portable puters.. amazing. Hugs. Tammy

  4. LOL…my first job was as a data entry operator (?). The computer took up the whole room and the printer was the size of a compact car! We've come a long way, baby!

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