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A Fantanstic posting

My blog frind Christina has a Fantanstic posting Plese GO HERE to read it.

Bing has the right stuff.

I saw a FANTASTIC POSTING HERE.Talk about an attitude of Gratitude that is it.

Angel Flight.

I saw this great video over on SECONDAY ROADS,it(the video) brought me to tears and I just have to share it here on my site as well.


To all those that have left messages of encouragement to me,I thank you for the support.and I was deeply touched by the Quote posted on Stephany’s site for me.Stephany Thank you for this Quote;A quote for Mike “Perhaps it’s done already, perhaps they have… Continue Reading “A HEARTFELT THANK YOU.”

I’ve Learned That…….

“I’ve learned that….people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did . . .but people will never forget how you made them feel!” Maya Angelouinternet email With a big time tip of the hat to Silly Willy and Fluffy for this… Continue Reading “I’ve Learned That…….”

A Great Idea.

I saw this on Audrinna‘s site.It is a great message one that I support.I now give you that posting::A letter from Jesus about Christmas. It has come to my attention that many of you are upset that folks are taking My name out of… Continue Reading “A Great Idea.”

No Pledge from Will.

With a tip of the hat to LEN have you heard of young Will Phillips? You should know about this kid.He’s one brave,intelligent and principled kid.It’s hard to believe that he’s only 10 years old ,


I am an The Alcoholic,my Wife is not.this posting still applies to our relationship. With my Thanks to SYD, who is the spouse of an alcoholic from whom I got this posting:I am the spouse of an alcoholic—one who cannot handle alcohol. From my… Continue Reading “WITH THANKS TO SYD FOR THIS POSTING.”


My blogging friend Jodi,posted a GREAT MESSAGE,I was half tempted to swipe it and post it here as well.I decided not to instead I urge every one to go and read the message and decide for your self if it is a good message… Continue Reading “A GREAT MESSAGE.”

A Great message

I saw a great message over at Pink Lady‘site.every one that has had anger issues in the past need to read this posting! I for one am glad that I did.So please go and read this great post titled “I don’t want to stay… Continue Reading “A Great message”

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