I have had a very bad day

Yep folks today has sucked on a personal level that has had me bummed out. The news about the shooting of soldiers by a major at Fort Hood, that further put me in a bummed out mood. I did not answer some of the comments that everyone wrote, I’ll get to it. I’ll try to visit with every one tomorrow depending on my mood. I did see my shrink today and she made a medication change. It will take a while to see if it works. See you when I see you. Hugs my friends.

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11 Comments on “I have had a very bad day

  1. I hope that the meds help. Sad about the shooting. I wonder what state of mind brought this on.

  2. Wanda's Wings,I have good days anf bad days and some down right rotten ones.these are when I post that I had a bad day.

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