My Heart is saddened.

On this day of Blog Blast for Peace,I am saddened by the shooting rampage at Fort Hood. 12 dead 31 injured. one of the shooters is dead and the 2 others are in custody. Let’s keep the families of the dead and wounded in our prayers as well that the dead and wounded service men and if any women.

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  1. OH My gosh. I haven't watched the news or anything today, I had no idea, this is awful. They will definately be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. As a former US Army soldier & from a family filled with military/law enforcement, my heart is heavy with greif today. I have only now been able to turn on the news to pick up the information. I pray, OH LORD HEAR MY PRAYER, the families of these fallen will be comforted by His grace in the days, months & years ahead.Tammy

  3. Mike, just know that I am praying for our soldiers and their families. I don't understand it at all.I pray that the families and victims will feel the overwhelming love and support that our nation has for our soldiers. Dear Lord, please lift them up and heal their pain and their hearts.I hope you feel better soon, Mike.Your peace globe is wonderful.peace and love,Pam

  4. Ann,A Stich In Thyme(Tammy),Just Breathe,Mari,Sandee,Julia Smith,Patrick and Finding Pam.This is a very das day expect that soldiers will lay their life down in battle.this is so wrong.

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