Blog Blast For Peace.

I decided that I would post both my Peace globe and this John Lennon song.When this song came out the meaning still is the same.GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.
Just because I have joined Blog Blast for Peace does not mean that I do not honor those that have laid down their lives for our freedom. My Family have a history of serving OUR GREAT COUNTRY.MY DAD DID USAAF,I SERVED IN THE USAF.I HAVE HAD COUSINS UNCLES AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS THAT HAVE PUT ON THE DIFFERENT UNIFORMS OF OUR COUNTRY.

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18 Comments on “Blog Blast For Peace.

  1. mike…I have been out of the blogosphere for a little while…not quite sure what this is about, so I will certainly check it out.~AM

  2. My hope is that one day, through understanding and love, we'll be able to let the weapons go because tyrants will never rise again.Peace to you and yours, Mike. And thank you for your service.

  3. I believe that striving for Peace honors those who have fought for our freedoms. They didn't want to go to war, but they did to secure Peace.Your post is most appropriate to that end.Peace to you and yours Mike!

  4. I love that song. The hope there somehow clashes with the images on the video though. The shock of what some people go through and how dire their need is for peace put things in a whole different light. It makes today seem more urgent.Bless you Mike for your boldness.PEACE.

  5. Airman Mom,this is a movement that I have joined.on the left side bar is a link to the blogger that has started it.Anndi,that would be great if that did happen.Travis,thank you.Jennifer,how true.Akelamalu,I'm glad that you like the globe.

  6. I agree – most who fight for our freedom, still desire peace. Thanks for this post!

  7. Peace to you my friend! I think we all agree that finding peace in life, and in the world is so important.(( Speedy shakes Mike's hand ))Great Peace Globe 😉

  8. Great post, Mike. Loving peace does not mean giving up the right to defend yourself. I share that opinion with you. My prayer is that when it's necessary for our military to become involved in a situation, the cause being pursued is truly just.

  9. Yours is an important statement, Mike.Like others have noted, I believe our service men are the the most committed agents for peace. They put their lives on the line for it. They have my utmost respect.Peace, brother!

  10. Mike, thank you thank you thank you to you and your family for your service to our Great Republic… thank you from the bottom of my freedom loving heart sir!

  11. Mike…As others have said I believe that wishing for Peace does not dishonor those who have fought for our freedoms.My grandfather came to this country as a young man from Italy and his greatest pride was being an American who fought in WW1 and being President of his VFW Post.Hoping Peace surrounds all who you love.

  12. Just Breathe,Mari,Julia Smint,Speedcat hollydale,Tarhell Rambler,Kimmie,Ferd,Scott,and Bond thank you all for yor comments.I look to the day that there will be no need for war.That is the best way to honor all those that have served and especially those that gave thier lives for freedom.

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