A Rant

Yesterday, while waiting to be taken to the OR to get the dental work done, the anesthesiologist pulled my wife aside to talk to her. He outright told her that I was faking the problems that I have. It was a good thing that I did not hear that asshole say that. If I had I would not have gone thought the procedure, and would have decked the so called doctor that left the hospital. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE 2 INITIALS AFTER YOUR NAME (M.D.) DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO JUDGE SOMEONE BASED ON THE FACT THAT THE PATIENT HAS A MENTAL CONDITION.

I totally despise the doctors that cop the attitude that because a person is taking an anti depressant and or any mood stabilizing drug the the person is faking other health problems. People like that do not deserve to be a doctor. They are doing more harm than good. I am not naming this doctor, and I am considering filing a complaint against him with the hospital.

I guess first do no harm does not apply to mental health patients, this is downright discrimination. I guess they can get away with this just because they think they are Gods. In cases where doctors behave this way I have a special term for those 2 letters.(M.D.) Me Doctor, you nothing. It would serve this asshole right if they themselves have a child that had a mental health issue and get the same treatment that they dish out.

I had this problem with a Kaiser Hospital DR (surgeon). I had an infection that mimicked an appendicitis attack. He opened me up and saw that there was nothing wrong with my appendix, than went into instant asshole mode saying I was faking being sick. The infection that I had got so bad that I was running a high fever and throwing up bile, this jerk still maintained that there was nothing wrong with me. My primary care doctor rubber stamped the attitude.

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  1. Aside from all the things you mentioned, I would seriously question a doctor who would preform surgery on someone that they felt was faking. Doesn't that in itself sound a bit unethical?

  2. Why in the world was the anesthesiologist even concerned about it? That's not his job. Very frustrating, but I'm sure Celestine didn't listen and that's what's important!

  3. Mike, My heart and attitude come out in your defense. My hubs can tell you: I have fired more than I give respect to. I had so many tell me I have anxiety disorder or housewives disease. I couldnt' believe it. I was having real pain. My anesthesiologist/pain management doc told me I should have a spinal pain pump put in as they could monitor my pain via my BP. I never have high BP, actually the opposite for my age. He said the spikes were not good for the toll they take on my heart. He told me to keep seeking a doctor who would run it down for me. 8.5 years later, new doc. Lots of money but we have answers. So, screw them. My son has apsergers and bipolar and i've cussed out a few doctors telling me he was lazy and didn't want to take direction. It wasn't that he didn't want to, we were just giving it to him the wrong way for his autistic disorder.My list goes on and on but suffice, I feel your frustrating. Question- does your wife speak up for you? I hope so or at least support your frustration. Hugs to you on this day. Tammy

  4. Wait until you meet a cardiologist. They are God. Just ask them Rude isn't the word to describe some of them. I'm sorry that this happened to you Mike. It's just not right.Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  5. Ann,at least that doctop did what he was supposed to.Put me under deep and medicated me to the posint that i could not move.they even had to stick a tube down my nose to do my breathing for me.The Kiaser doctor got a real earful for my shrink who was a regular G.P.befor he became a psychiatrist.Wand's Wings,I told off the Kiaser Dr that was very satifing for me.Mari,Celestine had told him that she did not trust him and that if anything happend to me she was going to hold him personally respocible.she even told him that she did not want him near me,he saw that he crossed a line with her and appoligised.A stich in Thyme,they gan be such horses asses that it is not funny.Sandee,I have a word for those fools but I cannot not say it here.Just Breathe,thanks.

  6. Dear Mike,I'm so sorry you went through this. I am glad that Celestine is there to support and advocate for you, as well. I'm also glad that you got to speak your mind to that doctor as well.Tart

  7. I am so sorry that happened. What a horrible thing to say. Makes you wonder why doctors like this even go into the medical field.

  8. Mike this is very upsetting to read about your experience in the hospital.Are you going to a VA hospital?I would have that doctor written up and insist that he be evaluated.At any rate, I am glad that your home and out of that hospital.I find any form of discrimation difficult to tolerate.

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