In the you got to be kidding catagory.

Now this is totally outragous! Did the trespasser get arrested?  No she wasn’t charged for trespassing on his property (taking a shortcut through his yard).  I guess you cannot do anything in YOUR OWN HOME ANY MORE!!!!! With a tip of the hat to the Slightly Sarcastic Blog.

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  1. Yep, it's a crazy world we live in Mike. This just proves it. I'm betting that this case will never make it to trial. Just saying.Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. This is utter bullshit!! I have neighbors from hell truly. They do what they can to piss us off. I just call the police, make a report and done with it. They come on my property, trespass, they peek in my windows, peeping tom, they drive across my lawn, distruction of property… etc…. Until we can get a handle on the crazy damn world, this is how it will be for me and mine.They try to break in,…. i'd like you to meet matilda…. she is the gaurd on duty thank you very much. Have a wonderful day.Kids gone crazy, adults gone crazy, the government has done flipped out….. we need to take back our homes & our streets. Stop voting in big mouths and vote in people who can create change. This really pisses me off mike!! :O) Hugs to you and hope your well. Tammy

  3. Akelamalu,just when you think you have heard everything,someting new pops up.Sandee,if it does I hope it get's laughed right out of the court.

  4. Oh My Word! I can not believe this. What is wrong in the world when he is charged and she is not!

  5. MAri,the really stupid thing was that she was tresspassing and looking into the man's house.In my Book that is wrong on 2 different counts,1)Tresspassing and 2)being a Peeping Tom>she get away with what she did and he get's charged?

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