8 Comments on “AWWW…Monday

  1. ewwww…Mike now I really understand the top picture…good luck!! Yuck..but, my daughter has one every 6 months and doesn't seem to mind to much!!Sorry I haven't been over but with my SIL'S death last Friday things were down and busy this weekend!!Yes I did cancel my account completely with EC. Should have stuck with that decision the first time I made it!I hope it goes well and that you feel pretty good when you get home!!Hugs,Jackie:-)

  2. Jackie,sorry about you SIL passing away.I imanging that there will be a lot more leaving Entre Card.I know of 10 bloggers that have done just that.Anon Drifter,thank you.

  3. Wanda's Wings,and tha cat and person sitting next to the door look like they are schocked by what they are seeins,or atleast the human is.the cat is probling thinkI wish I could do that.

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