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well maybe not.Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge has been fired as the manager of the team.As is the case of a bad team performance the manager is fired.
What really need to be done is the house cleaning of the over paid,and over indulged players that make up the teams and are the reason for the poor performance.But No it is all way the manager or the coach that get shit canned.

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  1. Don't even get me started with over indulged sport athletes or hollywood types… oy. All the hungry people in the US without homes, clothes on their backs etc…. Tammy

  2. Tammy,I know,I could have launched into an ever bigger rant that I did.Bewteeen the greedy agents and these so called stars of screen,TV,and all sports it just sickens me to no end.Here I got to live on whe I get for my disability retirement,still have a hose note and a car payment,and have to pay for my medical cover and the dedtibles and meds.I'd like to see these jerks just try to do that.

  3. Hello Mike, thank you for following my blog…I will be sure to keep up with yours…happy blogging! 🙂

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