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  1. You must have had the same idea as I had..It's fun to check out the toons every once in a while. So far, we haven't been lied to by obama. Some people just can't get past the fact that change may be a good thing…Oh well

  2. Wanda's Wings,poeople do not want to listed to what he is saying,they only hear what they want to.Woody,I just do not get it.

  3. Reading the healthcare bill is the best way to get information.There are some pretty bad things in it, too, such as the government fining people who don't obey the government's wishes on choosing a healthcare plan. This is kind of a show-stopper: I don't think the government should be plundering individuals for this reason.Obama said he opposes such penalties. Congress somewhere added this in.

  4. Mike,I have listened to Obama's speeches and since we have government health care here in Canada, I'm all for his idea. But…he needs to be certain of what he is putting in place to ascertain that all will be treated equally. Many people in Ontario and Canada would be without health care if my father and his generation had not fought for this. It's worked rather well and here the disabled have the same health care as the richest man in the country, with one exception. The latest Conservative government now allows people who can pay cash ahead of others that have the government plan. Canadians are fighting that move. Hope you're well. Blessings,Mary

  5. This isn't related to the cartoon, but I'm sorry to read about YOUR health issues. Just get around to those blogs when you can. Hope your health improves. Thinking of you.

  6. One must always remember that WE the PEOPLE, are the government .. and WE the PEOPLE are not being treated as well as the folks we put in office when it comes to health care, among other things. But since health care is the issue, I want the same benefits as our public officials, and the rich folks have .. after all our collective tax dollars are paying for it.If \”our\” government stop using medicare tax dollars to finance wars there would be no short fall … right now we are at the mercy of the Health Care Industries, and they are all about making money.Mike, I always enjoy the dialogue you have here — thank you for such a comfortable place to visit where one can speak their mind without feeling like they are going to be attack for it.

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