In honor of my Neice.

I got word this week that my Neice Allesan,passed the bar exam in Okalahoma where she and her husband Tom live.

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  1. AWWWW Congrats to your niece! I have a nephew who also passed his bar exams over the summer. I am so proud of him, so i can well imagine how proud you are feeling.

  2. Mike, Thanks for coming by my blog and for your supportive words. I have in fact decided to keep my blog in tact be damned the naysayers. They'll be wasting my time sending no so nice emails and comments. Take care and thanks again. Tammy

  3. AIR,Dori,Wanda's Wings,Mari,Tracy,finding Pam,ans A Stich In Thyme,thank you all for your great comments.Now lets see if bloggers loses my replies to again.

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