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well folks here comes a rant about highly intelligent idiots! The President wants to talk to children during school time to say the importance of getting a good education.I think that is a great idea! this being said there are those dumb asses out there that say they will not allow their student to watch this address because” it pushes his agendas”If his agenda is to get kids to stay in school and strive to be better educated is a bad thing than the next generation is destined to be a lower achieving school system the systems in other countries that want the children to excel in their studies.wake up people we are being passed by because of our lack of pushing our kids to do better in school that we did.What the hell is wrong with that??????????

Why in the hell does the current administration have to be blamed for the chain of events that was started several years ago by a different administration????WTF?????

there are times that stupidity just pisses me off.

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  1. I do say, I think some folks are protesting absolutely everything he does simply because their ticket didn't get into office. GET OVER IT ALREADY is what I say. He IS our CURRENT president. Be an american and ACT AMERICAN people. If you protest, do it properly. If you disagree, speak the way you want to be spoken to. If you want change, take the proper steps.I'm with you on this Mike.

  2. He is our President and deserves respect. I don't understand why people are putting up such a fuss over a good message to our children.

  3. Mike, thanks for this. I think that you hit the nail on the head. I have come to wonder whether the people who are so against his address on education really care about their children or is their own bias the most important thing. It seems that racism is still alive in this country.

  4. Mike, these issues distress me greatly as well. It's crazy the times we live in. I'm thinking maybe too much Fox News making people crazy! LOL! Ya think?Blessings my friend, I've been praying for Sarge!

  5. I don't do much politics as i tend to get way too excited over stuff I cannot affect. But, Mr Obama is our President and he does have some good things to say. I am always willing to listen, even if I don't agree with everything he stands for or believes in. I too think we've fallen way off in our efforts to educate our children and to throw politics into such an important thing really ticks me off too man…

  6. Debra,all the different news agencies just push my buttons.I heard a great comment on meet the press today by a Republican \”some say he's not my President,well YES HE IS.\” he was talking about President Obama.The same sane be said about all the presidents.They are our Presidents,you may not like their messages,but show respect for the office at least.Scott,my point about education exactly.

  7. This president seeks to strip away the constitution, and has no regaurd for it. He has strong ties to the CFR and leaders with one goal … world government and chipping everyone. These same CFR leaders call the American public stupid and \”sheep that will believe anything the CFR media tells them\”Research this yourselfPlans are already in place for a national ID card with an RF chip. They want to create far worse than socialism, they want complete domination of the people. It has nothing to do with republicans or race. Anyone with religious beliefs is about to be slapped in the face with some cruel realities.I am sure you think I am crazy, but you will soon witness the dollar become the Amero. You will witness public military actions against the people. You will witness national EVERYTHING happening as they march right into your life and steal your freedoms … each and every one. Once the North American Union is formed, uniting the rest of the world will be a step away. Again, I implore you to seek truth. Research the National ID and you will see I am not making any of this up. Obama has the same Illuminati blood lines as the Bush family.That is why people do not want their children listening to this man. He wants to destroy America, and the freedoms that we have fought for.


  9. That is exactly what I am trying to tell you! There is no Bush vs Obama. There is no republican vs democrat. IT is all just a smoke screen. They are the same … and driven by the same CFR goals. People think Obama is change. He is the same. The plan is just closer to reality Mike. You need to stop looking at parties. Obama and McCain were both CFR. The deck is stacked, and nobody is aware of this. Why are you defending this guy??If you did not like Bush, please tell me how Obama is any different. The ID card was stopped by resistance from the states where CFR control is not as powerful. It is now being pushed again … with re-newed authority. This is why stimulus programs were designed to take away soverenty. The crash was also designed by gov and the Fed to provide this opprotunity. They are not fixing anything – they are CONTINUING a plan put into motion many many years ago. The Obamas were in the CFR over a decade ago.You are being fooled by the media. Obama preaches the terror threat every day, (just like Bush) and will have more troops fighting \”it\” than Bush ever did. The front just moved to Afganistan. How is that different?Ultimately, it does not matter who is right here. I think you are a great guy, and have a concern for human-kind, and America. I am simply trying to alert you to things that you did not know. I am not a Republican. I do not like Bush, nor Clinton, nor Bush senoir. They are all the SAME! I am a constitutionalist. It is being torn to shreds, and that I am sure you will agree. When the constitution is breeched, my support is lost, period. I will not acknoweldge any leader tearing down the constitution.As we both know, world government cannot happen until the constitution is burried. I see the contitution being shredded right before my eyes and am bewildered at others who do not seem to care … just because Obama is doing it now and Bush is gone. They are both just puppets. They are both from the same CFR. Same same same

  10. That's fine … and I was not looking to debate anyway. \”You\” posted this, and I responded. That is what blogging is all about, unless you expect everyone to agree with you all the time.When I post political – I talk and comment with everyone in a way that is rational. I know my view will not be agreed with by everyone. I think looking at MANY viewpoints is healthy. I appologize if I upset you. That was not my intention at all.

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