Prayers for my blog friend’Tart.

Hi Folks,I have a new Prayer request,It is for a blogging friend called Jungle Tart.She is going through a rough patch and needs our prayers.

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  1. Dear Mike (& Wanda!:),Thank you so much for posting this prayer request for me. It honestly came when I least expected it, and needed it the most. And thank you so much for your kind words, too.:) Those prayers and wishes and kind comments on my blog make a difference. Some kind of miracle has been performed/taken place, I want you to know, because I did not go into the hospital, by the grace of God. I was able to fight off something massive. More on that later on my own blog, when I'm not so tired.I just want you to know Mike, that I am very thankful to have a blogger friend like you. Thank you for calling in the heavy artillery when it was needed most. Thank you so very much.Sincerely,'Tart

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