A Great message.

Happy Moments,PRAISE GOD.Difficult moments,SEEK GOD.
Quiet moments,WORSHIP GOD.Painful moments,TRUST GOD. Every moment,THANK GOD.
I saw this on Tracy‘s site,so I had to post this here as well,THANK YOU TRACY FOR THIS GREAT MESSAGE,AMEN!

13 Comments on “A Great message.

  1. Awww Ty Mike. I am glad this message touched you as much as it touched me. Hugs my blogger friend.

  2. AirmanMom,Sandee,Mari,Momisodes,Just Be Real,and Akelamalu,this is such a powerful message indeed and I just had to share it.Tracy,I was so glad to read this message that I just had to put it up heare.Thank you for putting it on your site.God Bless,my blogging friend.

  3. What a beautiful message. This quote really touched me. Thanks so much for posting it!Take care:)

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