A Wounded man being taken care of on D-Day 06-06-1944

O God, our Father, endless source of life and peace, welcome into Your merciful embrace the fallen of the war that raged here, the fallen on all wars that have bloodied the earth. Grant that they may enjoy the light that does not fail, which in the reflection of Your splendour illumines the consciences of all men and women of good will. You, Who in Your Son Jesus Christ gave suffering humanity a glorious witness of Your love for us, You, Who in our Lord Christ gave us the sign of a suffering that is never in vain, but fruitful in Your redeeming power, grant those who yet suffer for the blind violence of fratricidal wars the strength of the hope that does not fade, the dream of a definitive civilisation of love, the courage of a real and daily activity of peace. Give us your Paraclete Spirit so that the men of our time may understand that the gift of peace is much more precious than any corruptible treasure, and that while awaiting the day that does not end we are all called to be builders of peace for the future of Your children. Make all Christians more convinced witnesses of life, the inestimable gift of Your love, You Who live and reign for ever and ever Amen. ~ His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI

Today is the anaversary of D-Day.I thank Nick over at Nick’s bytes.


  1. You forget here in the UK just how hard the second world was for the country but back then everyone was against a common enemy, something that brings people together.My Grandad was in the first world war, he joined aged 15, just think someone almost Lukes age out on the battlefield, how them kids must have changed!

  2. It was a very bloody day in our history. Excellent post.Have a terrific day Mike. 🙂

  3. Mary,I cannot not take credit for this one.I got it from Nick over at Saint Nick's Bytes.Michael,I'll go you one better one of my great grandfather's sons served as well.Mari,no we should never forget the sacfrices that all the young made.Sandee,yes it was and a neccessary one.could you just imangine it that madman had not been stopped?

  4. My Dad ended up in the pacific and was part of the occupation forces in Japan after the war.

  5. Thanks, Mike, for using my stuff. I really appreciate it: the more a message such as this can be shared the better.Blessings, my dear friend!

  6. Nick,I firmly believe that the younger generation need to understand what their grandparents and eve great grandparents have gone through.

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