A Thought about a safe place.

I saw a great posting today where the author said that they needed a place to hide with their spouse’s friends are coming over for the holiday weekend and that they have not meet each other before.I suggested that maybe a happy place to go in their head to hide on a stressful situation.

I will admit right here and now that I do have such a place to run to when needed. In fact I have several places.One is the Hurst Castle grounds when every thing is in bloom.Another is the Hammered Dulcimer festival where I won the Third Place Novice Award.there are a few other places that I enjoy visiting.some in California,Illinois,Ohio and several other places that I have been to.
Having a safe place is a great thing to have.I hope that every one has such a place where they can go to when they need a safe place to hide in when needed.
so there for I will add the other safe place to be if you need it,here is a Big hug for those that need it as well.
I hope that every one has a Great Memorial day weekend.

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  1. I have a place called The Bluffs … it\’s beautiful there.Hope you have a great holiday Mike.

  2. I\’d be interested in hearing about some of your favorite places to go in Northeast Ohio. – Pigeon

  3. Elise,depending on the time of the year and how I am doing one any particulad day.I enjoy going and walking the Ohio and Erie canal towpath.I have enjoyed going to the Air Show here in Cleveland as well.I enjoy visiting the different covered bridges that dot the Ohio landscape as well.

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