A prayer rquest.

I’m posting this request for Hula Girl,and her family and in laws,they suffered a tragedy.Hula Girls sister in law Sissy who suffers from depression has committed suicide by jumping it to the Tennessee River.Please keep her family in your prayers as they still have not recovered Sissy’s body. I hope every one can take a minuite to go offer condolences to her and all of the families involved.Thank you.

6 Comments on “A prayer rquest.

  1. What a terrible tragedy Mike. I\’ll go over right now.Have a terrific day and weekend pal. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Thank you so much Mike. We really appreciate this. You are always so kind and always thinking of others. The rest of the world should be so nice.

  3. HulaGirl.I have to agree if the world was a lot nicer maybe we would not have the mess that seems to prevade through out the world.

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