yesterday kinda sucked.

Earth day started out good for me,than as the day progress every thing went to hell in a hand basket.I had a bad seizure,than took a three hour nap.Just to wake up to an agitated Celestine and than the fighting’s now 12:37 am.we have not spoken to each outher since about 7:30 pm.and she just went to bed.I do not know when I will do the same.I guess that i will just stay up for a while and watch some dumb stuff on tv.aka talk shows.

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  1. Hey Mike, somehow I thought that I was following this but guess that it was the old blog. Anyway, sorry to hear that your day wasn\’t good. I don\’t like arguments. Best to let it rest like you\’re doing. Hope that things are better tomorrow.

  2. Hey, Mike. I hope things are looking up for you. Stress is no fun. I took a one year sabattical from my marriage – but I certainly don\’t recomment that! I wish I had stayed and talked it out. We\’re working on it now, but what a lot of wasted time – life is too short.Pauline

  3. Sorry to hear you had such a bad day, Mike, and I hope that things are better now. Some days are just so much worse than others but the next day is always a chance for it to be better. Hang in there!

  4. I hope that everything is better now. There is nothing I hate worse than fighting with my husband. It is such a rotten feeling.It\’s close to the weekend! I hope you have a good one.

  5. Linda,things are better today.Jennifer,when we fight it is usually over something day is better.

  6. Mike,I\’m glad to know that things are better today. I imagine that Celestine gets really stressed when you have a seizure, especially a bad one. I\’m not making excuses for her. You are probably really stressed out too. I know that seizures leave you exhausted and stress only adds to the mix. Praying for both of you.Blessings,Mary

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