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  1. Syd,same to you my fiend.I thank you for stopping by.J.B.R.,glad that you enjoyed this one.thanks for stopping byA.D.,I\’m glad you enjoyed this one.thanks for stopping by.

  2. Good Morning Mike.I\’m glad you liked the Softball pictures. I\’m hoping to take some of the girls and me on Easter. Hubby wont be home on Easter. He will be out on the road as usual. The picture of the little cat is cute. It was doing something outside when I took the girls to School a bit ago. It wasn\’t Snow tho. It could have been just some cold rain. Maybe yall wont get too much Snow. I have seeen it Snow in April here in the South before. Take care my friend and have a great Monday. May GOD BLesss you and yours. Stay warm. Hugs,Karen H.

  3. Hi Mike, I am Sue…wanted to thank you for stopping by \”Haunted House\”. Please feel free to follow my blog. Congrats on your sobriety! I see we are in neighboring states…I am in Michigan.

  4. Karen,here in clevelad we can get snow the first part of the month we can get as much snow as 10 inches.We even had have the Indians opening day game snowed out sometimes.May God watch over your trucker and your family.Akelamalu,I\’m glad you enjoyed this one.Mari,thans for stopping by.I hope that you have a great say today.Rainbow,thanks for stopping by,I will follow your blog.Dori,glad you enjoyed this one.Thank you all for stopping by and making my day with your comments

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