when I started being a realitor after my first sale I treated my selve to repairs to my teeth.bonding was done to give me a better smile.while eating dinner today a chunk of the bonding broke off and I almost swallowed it.I mananged to spit the broken off piece out but man does the blank space feels realy wierd and depressing.
A post script.if I did not have the seizures I could be seen tomarrow and have this fixed.since most dentists do not want to deal with me I have to go to metro hospitals dental clinic and so I have to wait until next week. at the eairlest.

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  1. I will find out next week.It does not hutr because the part that broke off does not have any nerves exposed.it is just an ittitating feeling on the back of my lip where it touches the tooth.I just hate that I can not do to the dentist that did the work originally because he does not want to deal with my seizures.

  2. I hope you can get this fixed soon Mike. I hate it when teeth have issues. It\’s a drag for sure.Have a great evening. Big hug. 🙂

  3. Travis,this is true,where I go now it is not covered by my dental coverage so it costs me more to get the normal things done.

  4. I\’m glad you didn\’t swallow it.A blog friend has a tooth who is aching for months and she didn\’t have money. Only this week she will finally be able to go to the dentist.I wrote a post on dental care at the other blog.I\’m glad you will have it done next week.Ana

  5. Sara,thank you.Ana,the agrevating thing is that I have dental insurance and because of the seizures i am being told that the dentisit hat are in my plan refuse to treat me.

  6. My sympathies! Going to the dentist isn\’t my favourite occupation, but at least I know they will treat me if I need it.

  7. Sheila,I used to enjoy going to the dentist,but now that I have to gout of network I hate it.Cliff,at least my wife is taken care in in network.I hate being descrimated against just because I have a health issue.

  8. Mike,That is a MAJOR bummer. I hate when something goes wrong with my teeth. Hope you are able to get it fixed very soon. I also wanted to say hi and apologize for disappearing for so long. I think I have my head straight now and am back to stay. I really, really missed all of you guys. Hugs,Tamara

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