Aww monday.

I really do not have any thing for today.espicially after what has happend this weekend. Even my diet has gone to hell this weekend.

7 Comments on “Aww monday.

  1. I\’ve totally cheated on my diet today Mike! Tomorrow I will get right back on it!I\’ll remember the people in your requests for prayer. x

  2. Akelamalu,well being off the diet I have paid for it I jumped up 3 pounds,darn!Sandee,I can handle it,the hardest part was having the law enforcement officers go down.That is really hard to take.

  3. Hang in there Mike. I live in the Bay Area, and it is a real tragedy for Oakland. Big hugs to you.

  4. Mike, I am new to your blog. Looks totally interesting, especially the dulcimer. Sorry your diet is not holding up for ya. Blessings and thanks for sharing!

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