The Passionate Blogger Award

I just got this award from Sandee,and I thank you for it here is a list of Her recipients

Lisa of “…All Things Work for Good…”
Annie of A Nice Place in the Sun
Megan of Amid Clutter
Clara of Coming Back to Life!
Diane of Good Mourning, Glory

Virginia (Storyteller) of Happily Retired Gal , Small Reflections, Sacred Ruminations or Blog Rolls, Bling and Blurbs
Ana of Hella Heaven
Grace of Hugz Before You Go
Rhonda of Led Beside Still Waters
Colleen of Short Stories in the Making

Roger of Idaho Photo
Mike of Rambling Stuff
Speedcat of Speedcat Hollydale Page, 0007 Undercover, Doctor Shoal, Hollydale Golf Notes, The Phepping Foundation, I am Grampa, Golfing Cat

Participation is not mandatory, so don’t feel that you have to play along.

I am pleased to be included in this list of fine blogggers by Sandee,So passing it on will begin soon.I’ll be comming to the recievers blog to notify them as well as list here on my blog.

The first one goes to Cliff over at wixy’s gone bananas.

Anni over at hootin–anni’s

Mary over at mary’s writing nook

Sandee over at comedy plus (wordpress site)

Awake over at awake in rochester

Storyteller over at happily retired gal

‘Tart over at jungle tarts good stuff ,and adventures of a jungle tart

Airman Mom get this as well.

22 Comments on “The Passionate Blogger Award

  1. There\’s link love going on big time. Well done Mike. You are so deserving.Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  2. YHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!Tonight is my night, for sure.I gave you an award too … he heee :-) – thanks for linking all my blogs my friend

  3. Thanks Mike. You are a doll. Let me get a post up. I\’ve not been over there for a bit. Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  4. speedcat,thanks for stopping by I\’ll be over to pick it up in a bit.Sandee,you are a great person who deserves it.AIR,you are welcome I think that it may be a new wold have to go to Sandee\’s blogger site.

  5. Mike,You are very deserving of this award. I don\’t know anyone who is more passionate with their words when blogging. Congratulations and thanks so much for passing it on to me. I\’m honored.Hope you\’re doing good.Blessings,Mary

  6. Mike? You so deserve this award. You have opened the eyes for us bloggers who have visited with you as you blog with such passion!And, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart to think of me as you passed on the treasure of this meaningful award. Thanks.

  7. Anni,you are a passionate blogger who has made me see the kindness in the world with you blog as well.

  8. Ana,thank you.Some how your comment appeared 3 times so I deleted the duplicates.I hope that you do not mind.

  9. Oh Mike,You are always so thoughtful. Wow if anyone deserves any awards it is you!Just look at how nicely you did this post.Wow links everywhere. I hope you are having a good weekend.We had rain and storms almost all day yesterday. Finally today we have sunshine. But, more storms are headed for the remainder of the weekend.I so wanted to head up to turner Falls and get some pictures.Keep your fingers crossed that the storms don\’t come back.But, then again we need the rain!!Congratulations on your award.Hugs,Jackie:-)

  10. mike…I always enjoy my visits to your blog. You are passionate and sensitive. It is an honor to have this award passed on to me.~AM

  11. Dear Mike,I went to the Compassionate Blogger site and read what the writer had to say about you – and I wholeheartedly agree! I was very touched by what she had to say, and how very true it is. You have a heart of gold and are such a true and good person. I am honored that you would give me a passionate blogger award, as even more so, I am honored to be your blogger friend. Wishing you well, Hugs and a Great Day!Sincerely,Tart

  12. \’Tart,I am honored to have you as a blogging friend as well.Hugs,and I hope that you have a blessed day.

  13. Congratulations and thanks for passing this one along to me as well. I appreciate the good thoughts and link luv always. Hugs and blessings,

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