my latests award.

As you can see I just recieved this award form the compasionate bloggers site.Thank you Mother Maitri. Come over for a visit,there are a lot of good folks over there.
Mother Matri wrote a nice thing about me and it warms my heart to read what she said about me.

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  1. I just saw where you were chosen. Welcome to the club…you so deserve this.You are one of the most supportive and compassionate people I have met while blogging!!Big hugs for you!!Jackie:-)

  2. Steve, The Coward said… About 80 people attended the Big Book meeting at 7. And when they asked for any \”annuals\” (meaning sober anniversaries) I got to tell them, \”Yeah, ME! 35 years\” Hey Steve! You never once mentioned JESUS CHRIST in your ravings!

  3. Oh, congratulations on winning this special award. I\’ve been reading your blog and it is so inspirational and moving. I\’m off to read Rev. Maitri\’s post about your blog. What a fantastic choice she made.

  4. Hi Mike,Yes my weekend is going pretty good. We are headed out for a huge all you can eat buffet of catfish and shrimp here in just a little while.But, before I start to get ready I too have an award for you.You have truly touched my heart so many times that I simply had to pass this award along this time. hope you have a wonderful weekend too!Jackie:-)

  5. Dori,thank you for that.I\’m honored to recieve this one there are a lot of bloggers that belong to this site and I\’m the 16 to be awarded this.

  6. Mike, You are so deserving of this award and it was such a delight to give it to you. I have been reading your blog for some time and it is so tender, yet strong, full of love and hope, prayer and promise. You are a bright light in the firmament to many dearheart. Keep on keepin\’ on and we\’ll all be right there with you.Love and Blessings,Mother Maitri

  7. Tracy,thank you.Mother Maitri,I do not plan to change.I am me and have been all my life.I\’m not about to change now.

  8. You abspolutely deserve this award! You are always so faithful to post prayer requests. Mike Golch is definitely a compassionate human being.

  9. Jennifer,thank you for your kind words.I\’m only trying to do what our Father in heaven would want me to do.

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