you say I think

I say … and you think … ?

1. Carpet ::the world with love.

2. William ::Tell Overture

3. Oh! ::My Lord

4. Board game :: monoply

5. Sunlight :: dishwashing detergent

6. Delay :: of game 10 yard penality

7. Winner ::take all

8. Concubine :: lover

9. Comatose ::out to lunch be back never

10. Satisfy ::your taste for sweets.

Your turn: I say … and you think … ?

1. Carpet ::
2. William ::
3. Oh! ::
4. Board game ::
5. Sunlight ::
6. Delay ::
7. Winner ::
8. Concubine ::
9. Comatose ::
10. Satisfy ::

6 Comments on “you say I think

  1. 1. Carpet Crawlers (genesis somg)2. William the Conqueror3. Oh My Word4. Board Game Snakes and Ladders5. Sunlight Happy Days6. Delay Airports7. Winner Lotto!8. Concubine Marriage9. Comatose Watching cricket..or golf10. Satisfy Achieve

  2. Hi Mike,I hope you and your family have a great Sunday. I also hope you are doing well.Take care,Wanda

  3. \”God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference\”I have the first sentence in my mind from a prayer I don\’t remember where I\’ve read.Thank you for these three sentences.I\’m working had on \”acceptance\”.Now I realized that I have to work on knowing \”the difference\”.Hard job!

  4. Daffy,Good ones.Wanda,well we tried to have a goodSunday,but I needed to replace a ground fault interupter and had a seizure doing so.that was no fun.Ana,we use the serenity prayer a lot in our A.A. meetings and I have it posted here at the house.

  5. You\’re very good at this game! I always enjoy your responses and appreciate when you play along in comments too, so thanks. I\’m way behind and it will take a while for me to catch up … I\’ll be back as time permits ;–)Hugs and blessings,

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