feeling violated.

I feel violated.some one pulled off the window covering from our back basement window in an attempt to gain entry into our home.I’m glad that we have burglar bars on the windows.
I know that we do not have a lot of stuff worth stealing. it just really pisses me off that some damn low life tried to get into our home.My biggest fear is that we will be sleeping and our home gets broken into.
I guess that we will just to have to do something else to protect our home that we cannot afford.
I’m really depressed.

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  1. I\’m so sorry to hear this. I would feel violated too. It\’s a shame that people have to feel this way in their own homes.

  2. Mike, I\’m so sorry to hear this. I would feel the same. Living alone, the thought that someone could easily break into my home, kill me and no one would know until someone at work started missing me. Hey, get one of those motion activated guard dog attack machines that sounds like a mean dog when someone gets within a few feet of your home. I would tell you where to get one but I don\’t know. Have a great weekend.

  3. Fortunately they were not able to get in. Still, it would make me lose sleep at night if that happened to us.

  4. I don\’t think I will ever understand why some people think it is acceptable to burgle or do things to others that are reprehensible to most people – sorry someone tried to burgle you and glad to hear you have already taken precaution against it

  5. JC,with my luck I\’d get one of those dogs and tha accoation would make me get ride of it.Dickster,I slept fitfully ater that one.S\’onnie,I guess the lack of jobs makes people do thing that are just on the up and up.

  6. I am sorry you are depressed. I am glad that they didn\’t gain access to you home.

  7. jennifer,I\’m glad that they did not gain access as well.I\’m getting over the depression slowly as each day progress.

  8. Sorry Mike, Many years ago i was a single mom with two little girls and had young teens try to break in or window peep every weekend!! I had great neighbors who looked after me, but I was scared to death, until i got angry and ran out with a baseball bat yelling at them!(stupid to do now a days). They never came back, and I moved. Praying Gods angels surround your home for protection.

  9. Sorry about this experience … methinks such things are unnerving for most of us. I recall feeling violated when our RV was ransacked in our driveway overnight decades ago.Hugs and blessings,

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