A powerful message.

A blogger that I follow has a powerful posting that speaks volumes to me. The posting is called in memoriam. It is a reminder of what can happen if we ever forget the lessons of the past.
Jo thank you for the reminder!

6 Comments on “A powerful message.

  1. I read her post Mike and it was good. It amazes me that people can say it never happened.

  2. Excellent Mike. I went over and read her post. Very powerful indeed.Hope you are feeling better. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. Mari,it boggles the mind.I meet a survivor once and when I asked about the number tatoo.she explained to me what happened she lost all of her family to the nazis.Sandee, that it is.\\Akelamalu,no I did not read your post I was not blogging back than.But I will come to read it.Jo,posts like yours need to be read and discussed,least we forget about the huge loss that was suffered.

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