Thanks Sandee! Awards for EVERY ONE.!!!!!!!!!

Sandee over at Comedy plus gave me these and “according to the rules” I am supposed to give these to so many bloggers.Well you know me rulers are made to be bent and broken all together! With that being said everyone is awarded these just for visiting and leaving a comment!!!!!!!

17 Comments on “Thanks Sandee! Awards for EVERY ONE.!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mike – you need a bigger shelf to hold all of your awards! Congrats – you do deserve them!

  2. They look really nice over here too Mike. I\’m glad you took them all.Have a terrific weekend. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. You are so thoughtful! I appreciate the awards!!Mike, I hope that you are having a good weekend. I thought about you and worried about the seizures. I pray that you are doing well. Please tell Mrs. G. I said hello. Sending warm thoughts and wishes your way!Jen

  4. Delightful awards, well deserved, Mike! I believe that you have a grand method of passing them on!Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  5. Mike,Thanks for always visiting and commenting while we were on our marathon road trip…I\’ve not had much of a chance to stop by. You need a bigger shelf for all your awards. All of them are well-deserved !Kath

  6. Jennifer,nick,Swampy,and Akelamalu,that you all for you comments.I hope that youare all having a great and blessed weekend.

  7. Congratulations on all your awards, Mike! I hope you are feeling better these days. Have a great weekend!

  8. These are beautiful awards, Mike. I especially like the one of the fabulous lady and her dog!!:) I came to your blog today and noticed that you are deleted your other blogs and are doing only Rambling stuff – good for you! I also went to the prayer hub and prayed for the person with cancer. Thank you for speaking the truth and for being a ray of sunshine.Tart

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