The Kingston Trio: They Call The Wind Maria

just for the heck of it!

5 Comments on “The Kingston Trio: They Call The Wind Maria

  1. I haven\’t heard this in years Mike. How cool. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.Have a terrific evening. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Nick,the same goes for me as well.Sandee,I had not heard it in a while either so when I found it I just had to share it.Maybe I should have saved it for flashback friday.

  3. Mike, I think you and I ought to get together, go to Independence, storm the studio of WMJI, or as Bill Weissinger at the Sunday Oldies Jukebox calls it, tragic 105.7, and take over their playlist. I figure Clear Channel has laid off enough people that we should get little resistance.

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