those darn seizures.

the seizurs had settled down some what but the last three days have been no picnic,the seizures have increased. I am totally bummed out.

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  1. I was so hoping that you limiting your time on the computer would help. I\’m so sorry this is happening to you Mike. You certainly have had your fair share of bad luck with your seizures.You remain in my thoughts and prayers. Big hug. 🙂

  2. Sandee,and Katherine,the really bad thing that sucks the most it the migrane headaches that I get after a seizure and I have to limit the amount of medicine I take for those,due to it will cause my breating to decrease.

  3. I\’m so sorry to hear this. I was hoping things were improving. I hope the next week is better!

  4. Hi Mike, I\’m sorry you have had these terrible days and awful seizures. I hope they will slow back down again.You are in my thoughts and prayers for some relief from this problem.

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry to hear you are having medical issues, hope they get sorted soon Sonnie

  6. Mike, I\’ve had family members who have had problems with seizures. My son went through high school with seizures that were brought on by stress. I am very aware of how frustrating seizures can be.You are in my prayers.

  7. Wanda,S\’onnie,74WIXYGrad,Momisodes,sinnerviewer,Akelamalu,thank you all for stopping by and offering morale support.

  8. Mike,My wish for you is that the end of the week is better than the beginning with few or no seizures. I\’m praying for you.Blessings,Mary

  9. My thoughts are with you, Mike. Health and happiness are uniquely intertwined.peace,mikelivelife365

  10. Mike,Sorry that you are not feeling well. I hate to hear that. My prayers are with you! Hang in there with me buddy!The Bach

  11. The Batch,i inrend to hang in there,the alternitive is an unthinkable act.(not that I have not tried that stunt)

  12. Shoot Mike. I am sorry your week has not been good. I am going to pray for you my friend. Have a restful weekend.HUGS and prayers.Jen

  13. How are you doing now? I often think about you and your health problems. Did I ever tell you my brother and his oldest daughter also suffer from seizures? Hers aren\’t too bad, but his truly are.Hoping you have a blessed week!!!!!

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