With A Little Help From My Friends – Beatles


Nick this is for you.I hope the trouble with you leg settles down. http://saintnicksbytes.blogspot.com go over ang give him som get well wishes and some prayers as well.

3 Comments on “With A Little Help From My Friends – Beatles

  1. We were very young when this song came out Mike. I so remember. Awesome.Have a terrific rest of the weekend pal. Big hugs. ­čÖé

  2. Mike,Friends are the flowers in the garden of life. I value your friendship.I will stop over and give Nick a few words of encouragement. Thanks for the heads up.How are you doing? I continue to pray for you.Blessings,Mary

  3. Sandee,yes we were,and look how much better we have gotten since! Big hugs to you as well.Mary,you are a great friend to have as well. I had a small seizure today.

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